March 10


BEST Custom Framing in Milwaukee – Main Street Framing Gallery

Main Street Framing Voted Best Custom Framing Gallery

THANK YOU!  We appreciate the support of our friends and our customers (many of them are one and the same).  It is quite an honor to be voted the best custom framing shop in the Milwaukee area.

We were only open a few short weeks when the poll came out…but we do have a couple of decades of experience being the best custom framing service we can be!

Picture of the "A-List" from WISN of Main Street Framing as the winner of the 2014 Best Custom Framing in Milwaukee award.
Best Custom Framing Gallery in the Milwaukee Area! Thank you for your support!

And Main Street Framing Gallery was voted the BEST Custom Framing Shop in the Milwaukee area!

If you haven’t been here yet, please visit!

Our hours are a bit odd….and they’re listed on every page of our site because we don’t want to miss you when you stop by.  (We close a bit early a couple of days a week to take care of other commitments.)

We’re working hard to continue to earn your votes!  Hopefully we can add “best photography studio” to the list before long!

Please call us at 262-232-6266 or contact us anytime.


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